Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hayman Island sale rumours

There has been speculation over the past few days on the future of the ownership of Hayman Island and its resort.

On Tuesday, we reported that the Australian Financial Review had released an article titled 'A new heart and Sol for Hayman Island as Mulpha departs'.

A few hours later, the Sydney Morning Herald released an article titled 'Billionaire to buy Hayman Island', written by Joe Aston and Will Glasgow.

SMH Tue 27 Aug 2013
However, an article released last night by, written by Jeff Weinstein, says that both the Australian Financial Review and  the Sydney Morning Herald got it wrong . . .

Mr Jeff Weinstein reported that:"Mulpha Australia, the owner of Hayman Island, told HOTELS Magazine, it remains a long-term investor in Australian tourism and has absolutely no plans to sell Hayman". Kerzner representatives also told HOTELS it is not negotiating to acquire the property." - Jeff Weinstein

An announcement of a management deal with "a prestigious international hotel company" will be announced next Wednesday.


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