Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whitsundays Taxi brakes tampered

A Whitsundays Taxi has allegedly had its braking system tampered with in the past week.

It is alleged that someone about 5-6 days ago pierced the container that contains the brake fluid on one of the Whitsundays Maxi Taxis.

A device similar to a fork appears to have been used to pierce two holes into the brake fluid container from the inside, possibly in an effort to hide the tampering.

Whitsundays Police have been advised of the incident.

Editors Note: We share the same building as the owner of the Taxi. We advised PRD Nationwide Whitsundays of suspicious activity and requested a change of locks nine days ago (the keys were lost by PRD Nationwide Whitsundays allegedly during a changeover from the previous Agent - Ray White Cannonvale).
However PRD Nationwide Whitsundays have refused to change the locks.

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