Monday, October 11, 2010

7 Million bits of Social Media

7 Million bits of Social Media.
On 16 May 2009 We started our Twitter service, QLDWhitsundays.
On the 8 December 2009, we saw a need for a QLD only news service, and QLDOnline was born.

Our followers began to depend on these services for the latest and breaking News from and about the Whitsundays, and Queensland, and it was soon realised that it was inappropriate to chat and banter on those 2 channels, so the Twitter service ChanWhitsunday was formed to provide a chat channel for QLDWhitsundays and QLDOnline .

Followers and Following.
You may notice that the QLDWhitsundays and QLDOnline do not follow many people - this is so as to keep a clear and concise timeline for us so as to ensure we can deliver the most relevant stories to you, with minimal duplication. Most of our followers have said they just want a news stream, and we think we provide that quite satisfactorily.

This week we passed a few milestones with Twitter:
We have over 2,000 dedicated followers who are not churners, viral or wealth marketers. Actually, a large proportion are journalists & commentators in the traditional and emerging media.
QLDWhitsundays = 800 Followers
QLDOnline = 1200 Followers
A total of 63,759 tweets have been sent, which is around 7 million characters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is and continues to follow us on Twitter, this Blog, our Facebook site, and of course our websites
Whitsundays Online :
Queensland Online:

Thanx to Roam for their assistance.

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